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AKTON Equestrian Back Pads

The AKTON Equestrian Back Pad material was originally designed for the medical community to aid in the prevention and curing of bed sores. The material is not technically a "gel" but a solid viscoelastic polymer that is super soft yet does not leak, flow or bottom out. It has been used successfully in the medical markets for over 40 years world wide, and is now being introduced to the United States equestrian market to offer the same protection to horses.

The AKTON Back Pad is a low profile, protective skin-interface layer used under the saddle blanket. AKTON Back Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to fit a wide range of English saddles, Dressage saddles and Western saddles. AKTON Back Pads bring maximum comfort in addition to enhanced shear, pressure and shock absorption to the horse.

Don't you and your horse deserve the best in protection?