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Western Back Pads


Western back pads for the consummate horseman...

AKTON Polymer Back Pads are made of fatty tissue like material that does not leak, flow or bottom out. This USA made product is highly effective in preventing skin breakdown by absorbing saddle jarring and shearing at the saddle's pressure points. The pad designs are rectangular, straight cut pads enforced with durable protective film and heat-sealed seams.

AKTON specialty gel pads is a world market leader in pressure sore and nerve injury prevention in the Operating Room. Is it not time to try the best protection available for your horse? 

AKTON Equestrian Back Pads provide:

  • Fatty tissue like properties providing a pleasant tactile sensation
  • Temperate skin interface by acting as a heat sink
  • Weight distribution and aids saddle fitting by absorbing pressure points
  • Skin sensitive, latex and plasticizer free material that does not support bacterial growth
  • Clinically proven pressure sore prevention recommended by Veterinarians

Go to our websites www.actionproducts.com and www.akton.com to read and download independent clinical and physical properties studies.


  • Western Equestrian Pad
    $99.00 Western Back Pad 20 x 24 x 3/8"
    This 20 x 24 x 3/8" AKTON Equestrian Back Pad was especially designed for endurance riding in Western saddles. AKTON Polymer is a proprietary viscoelastic gel like material that does not leak, flow or bottom-out...