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AKTON Viscoelastic Polymer

AKTON is the proprietary material which makes AKTON Equestrian Pads one of the most effective pressure and shear reducing comfort lines ever manufactured for equestrian use.

Used in the medical profession for more than 40 years, AKTON viscoelastic polymer creates a soft, durable cushion to absorb tremendous shear and shock, distribute impact forces and reduce bruising, abrasion and pain caused by jumping, endurance riding and saddles with pressure points. Acting like fluid for uniform energy absorption, AKTON viscoelastic polymer is actually a soft material imbued with tremendous molecular memory.

Made by Action Products, Inc., AKTON polymer will not lose its shape or break down as do foam, gel, or silicone. If you want to learn more about AKTON Viscoelastic Polymer please link to our dedicated website www.akton.com