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'WOW... WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE!  I don't know what I expected exactly-- but this exceeded my expetations! It was perfect under my Western Saddle pad! The first thing I noticed was how much more relaxed my horse was. The 2nd thing I noticed, was how much more relaxed her CANTER was-- the 3rd thing I noticed, is that I felt the difference myself! It felt like I was sitting on a gel pad myself-- I hadn't thought of the difference it would make for me-- only my horse! Now that I have used one, you can bet I'll never be without it"-- Ann Pruitt- Director InfoHorse.com


"Elke has a special way of saddeling. The horses really like it and she has never had a horse with a sore back.  I call it an Elke sandwich:

1. Place an Akton gel pad directly on the horse's back


2. Place a Puffpad over the gelpad



 3. Place a second saddlepad over the Akton gel pad and Puff pad



4. Lastly, the saddle on top


My horse loves it when I saddle like this. I am so happy my trainer Elke Funk-Hess shared this with me. She competed her horse Phoebus in the Dressage World Cup with her Akton Gel Pad and rides all her horses with the "Elke Sandwich"."

Sabrina, Sweden


"At the moment, I use the Akton Backpad, with which I`m very satisfied. It is solid, easy to clean, and you can hardly see it under the saddle.”

“My saddle maker told me the upholstery change I needed to address a bald spot on my horse was so minute that it would be difficult for him to do. He therefore advised me to use an Akton Backpad directly on the bear back of the horse and to cover it with a saddle pad. Although the pad was extremely expensive it really kept its promises. At this point my horse is completely healed."

Black Pearl, Dortmund, Germany


"I first saw the [AKTON] ACTION Pad in Europe and I was totally fascinated by its miraculous shock-absorbing nature! Here was the perfect material for a horse pad."

Keizo Nishimura - Japan